Covid-19 and love

Most viruses are about .0000008 inches long.  We can’t even see such a thing with most microscopes, but this little bit of matter we call Covid-19 has brought our world to a screeching halt.  It’s gone viral…that’s power.  We read the daily depressing stories of those whose bodies have been ravaged in numbers the likes of which we haven’t seen in our lifetime.

Covid-19 and love: Uncertainty and insecurity

We crave structure and security in our lives.  We may push back against these things but mostly, we like the trash to be picked up on the day it’s supposed to be hauled away, we like our house to get warm when we turn up the thermostat and we like that the veal parmigiana always comes with a side of ziti at our local Italian joint.  Covid-19 has pulled the rug out from us in all these ways, but the biggie is security.  This little virus has caused almost all aspects of our lives to become uncertain.  We’re unsure when we can return to school, when we can hug a friend, when we can go to work, when we can take our kids out to play, when we can eat out and mostly, when we can stop using hand wipes.

With all the security that has been ripped from our lives, it’s kinda remarkable that internal anarchy hasn’t overtaken our psyches.  But for the most part, it hasn’t.  Perhaps we humans are just a resilient bunch.  Likely so, but I don’t think that explains why we are navigating our way through “sheltering-in-place” as well as we are given that so much is now so uncertain.

Connections and kindness in so many powerful ways

The reason is this: we humans are going to get our security one way or another and this virus has forced us to be creative.  It’s true that we have lost seeing Uncle Danny tell bad jokes or tasting Grandma’s awful cooking. But in place of that we have reinforced and enhanced the things in our life that matter the most.  You and I connect with each other in ways that are different than in our pre-Covid-19 lives.  All of us are more concerned and more supportive.  We are more heroic and more generous.  Our lives are more kind and more decent.  We are more compassionate and more caring.  Quite simply, we express more love.  Covid-19 and Love. Because of this, ironically, we are more secure now than we have been in a very long time.  This is why we are going to be ok.

I wonder whether you have experienced more love in your life lately?

16 thoughts on “Covid-19 and love

  1. You have taken the time to make everyone who reads this feel better.At the same time ,you have sent
    love and compassion to strangers. I am a close friend of your mother Nona,and when I read your words , I can see what an effect a parent can have on a child. You were both lucky to have each other !!!!
    Cookie Hoffner

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