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The Awakenings Project

I took piano lessons when I was a child but didn’t continue to play once I crossed the threshold into adulthood.  As a kid, having the dexterity to move the fingers of my right hand to produce melodies while simultaneously striking chords with my left eluded me.  I gave it up.  About a decade ago, … Continue reading The Awakenings Project


I sit on the board of directors of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (dbsalliance.org) an organization dedicated to helping those living with mood disorders.  At our quarterly meeting in December, I sat in a room with like minded people working hard to better the lives of others.  It’s an honor to belong to such … Continue reading Belongingness

Bipolar Disorder in Men

I was asked to share my thoughts on the topic of Bipolar Disorder in Men by the wonderful International Bipolar Foundation. They provide education, advocacy and support for those living with Bipolar Disorder….here’s the piece I contributed. As a psychiatrist living with bipolar disorder, I have been both a care receiver and a care giver. … Continue reading Bipolar Disorder in Men