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Bipolar Disorder in Men

I was asked to share my thoughts on the topic of Bipolar Disorder in Men by the wonderful International Bipolar Foundation. They provide education, advocacy and support for those living with Bipolar Disorder….here’s the piece I contributed. As a psychiatrist living with bipolar disorder, I have been both a care receiver and a care giver. … Continue reading Bipolar Disorder in Men


In his classic book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”, Dr. Seuss writes: “You have your brains in your head, you have your feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” It seems that we humans are, by nature, a hopeful group. This is, in fact, true.  Hope is a belief … Continue reading Hope

Everyone We Meet…

When I shared with family and friends that I have bipolar disorder, I think that they were surprised, if not shocked.  After all, I hid my symptoms from everyone in my life for many years.  I have been very surprised at the outpouring of support and affirmation I’ve received from others, something that I never expected.  A wonderfully … Continue reading Everyone We Meet…